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The Sound of Music LIVE

December 7, 2013 by Leanne


I don’t think anyone could ever question my love for The Sound of Music. I fell in love with the movie when I was just a little girl and have watched it religiously every year of my life since and sometimes multiple times a year.  I know every single line in the movie by heart. I could re-record the album from memory. I watch it on my iPad on flights.

So when NBC announced they were reproducing this beloved classic in a live production starring Carrie Underwood, I was intrigued, but not overly excited.  Like so many others I had my doubts they could pull it off. And Carrie as Maria? We know she’s got the voice chops but everything else was a huge stretch.

Then during Thanksgiving week NBC aired a 1-hour special “The Making Of” the live production.  We got a look behind the scenes on how the show was coming together and saw how the actors were chosen.  The kids were extremely talented.


The live production aired Thursday night and despite the artistic controversy the show gave NBC it’s biggest Thursday night (non-sports) since the finale of “E.R.” in 2009. (Via

I watched the full 3-hour live show.  The good:  The sets were gorgeous.  The singing was fantastic.  And pulling off a 3-hour live show like that is truly to be commended.  (I even tweeted that!)   The not-so-good:  Honestly, I cringed through almost the whole show.  I didn’t realize this live production was based on the play and not the movie I have memorized and cherished for decades. The songs were out of order.  Not only did Carrie’s acting abililities leave a lot to be desired, I felt some of the other scenes were “over-acted”.  It fell flat.  I thought though, the Von Trapp children were fantastic!  Ariane Rinehart who played Liesl is going to be a star!

It’s so exciting to see a network attempt something so daring as this and they actually succeeded in a big way.  The show was nearly flawless and it was fun watching a LIVE show again.  I give them huge kudos and props for pulling it off.  I just wish it was closer to the movie version and they’d spent more time on acting lessons.

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  1. Nanette says:

    I loved The Sound of Music. Fell in love with it when I was little. Now, I don’t watch it every year like you do but still it was great. I was out when I saw it on T.V. a while back and just cringed at it. I couldn’t watch it all. I wish they can stuck to the movie version too.

  2. I liked the live performance, but I have to say the original is still the best. Both of my boys now know all the songs, and sing a long with me!!

  3. Krista Swan says:

    It was a very impressive accomplishment, but yes – I was cringing, too! The nuns and the kids were fantastic.

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