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Google+ Conference Confusion

September 27, 2013 by Leanne

I sat in at TypeACon session in Atlanta focused on Google+.  To say it’s confusing to the folks in the room is like saying the sky is blue.  The bloggers here are some of the most experienced bloggers in the business and have been doing it for many years but understanding how to make Google+ work for them is raising lots of questions. One lady just asked why even bother with this platform when it’s so confusing to figure out ?  Also asked how or what is the best way to make it work for their readers? Of course the speaker told them “SEO” should be their prime reason.  He says Google+ isn’t about community with the people you already know, but finding new people with similar interests to find your content.

Type A Conference 2013 in Atlanta.

Type A Conference 2013 in Atlanta.

My takeaway is to really understand how to make Google+ work hard for you means you are going to have to work hard to understand this platform. It’s not simple, although they (Google) wants you to believe it is. Its going to take time to read and understand the ebb and flow of Google+.  Someone also said it could be that bloggers are wanting Google+ to be more social than it is.

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  1. Dee says:

    Hi Leanne! Thank you for the insight into Google +. Question: do you like to use G+? If so, what do you like to use it for…hangouts, posting, etc? I

    • Leanne says:

      Hi Dee.
      I am a very infrequent user of Google+. I’ve had my account since it first launched and honestly feel like it’s just another platform that I don’t need. I guess the true value of it is for SEO benefits, but since currently I’m not looking to make money or drive traffic to my blog, that’s not a bonus for me. Most of the content I see in my feed is also in my Facebook feed. I’m not sold on it yet. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day.

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